First-Rate Forensic Accounting Firm

At THE HOLLIMAN GROUP, we take pride in being certified in Financial Forensics by the prestigious American Institute of Certified Public Accountants. With our expertise and specialized skills, we offer comprehensive forensic accounting services to assist companies and their representatives in investigating potential cases of asset misappropriation or theft. 

Tailored Solutions for Every Case 

Understanding that each situation is unique, our firm provides customized forensic accounting services on a case-by-case basis. We recognize that every company operates differently, and that’s why our team takes the time to understand the intricacies of each subject company. By tailoring our services to align with their specific needs, we ensure that our clients receive the most accurate and relevant results. 

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Tackling Employee Theft Head-On

Employee theft can be a significant threat to any business, with statistics showing that nearly 30% of all business failures stem from this issue, as reported by the Better Business Bureau. Alarmingly, corporate security experts estimate that 25 to 40% of all employees have engaged in theft from their employers. Common ways employees are caught stealing from businesses include: 

  • Cash Theft 
  • Inventory Theft 
  • Credit Card/Personally Identifiable Information Theft 
  • Theft of Supplies 
  • Theft From Customers 

At THE HOLLIMAN GROUP, we are dedicated to helping companies mitigate the risks associated with employee theft through our forensic accounting services. 

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Restoring Trust and Integrity

We understand that cases of asset misappropriation or theft can have far-reaching consequences beyond financial losses. Our aim is not only to uncover the truth but also to restore trust and integrity within the organization. We work diligently to provide our clients with the necessary support and guidance during this challenging period, helping them implement robust internal controls and preventive measures to safeguard their assets and promote a culture of transparency and accountability.

Contact THE HOLLIMAN GROUP today for a free forensic accounting consultation. Let us help you protect your bottom line and ensure a secure and prosperous future.